Muskwirtschafts-Jour-fixe am 14. Mai 2013: On the Performance of Record Labels

Beim Musikwirtschafts-Jour-fixe am 14. Mai 2013 ab 18:00 am Institut für Kulturmanagement und Kulturwissenschaft (IKM) der Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien (Anton-von-Webern-Platz 1, 1030 Wien) wird Gastprofessor Juan Montoro-Pons von der Universität Valencia erste vorläufige Ergebnisse zu Projekt „On the Performance of Record Labels“ präsentieren. Als Datengrundlage dient eine umfassende Datenbank für Unternehmen aus dem gesamten EU-Raum. Dadurch können auch Vergleiche zwischen einzelnen Ländern – im konkreten Fall zwischen Österreich, Spanien, Schweden und Großbritannien) angestellt werden. Allerdings befindet sich dieses Projekt noch im Anfangsstadium und bedarf noch vieler weiterer Inputs, die hoffentlich im Rahmen des Musikwirtschafts-Jour-fixe gegeben werden.

In der Folge können noch weitere Ausführungen zu den ersten Projektergebnissen nachgelesen werden, die Juan Montoro-Pons zusammen gestellt hat.

On the Performance of Record Labels. A Quantitative Analysis by Juan Montoro-Pons

While many empirical studies on recorded music have analyzed consumers and their motivations, fewer have a focus on the supply side of the market. From an empirical standpoint this is a relevant issue as one could link consumer behavior to some industry traits such as the creativity and innovation in the sector and the adherence of firms to specific business models to mention two. One reason for that could be that data are scarce and scattered, and those that are available (usually  available public information about record labels is usually restricted to the officially filed and audited accounts) are only weakly linked to the relevant questions about the recorded music industry. However it can be argued that a combination of quantitative and qualitative analysis can be useful for a better understanding of the sector.


To this end, this research analyzes the performance of record labels, where performance is quantified as any relative measure of profits (such as return on total assets, profit margin or ebitda). Ultimately profits can be seen as a measure that is related to value creation (or destruction) and management of a successful (or unsuccessful) business model. Data were collected for 225 record labels in four European countries (Austria, Spain, Sweden and the UK). Using a multilevel model for explaining the profits preliminary results show that

1)     There is a strong firm effect, i.e. most of the variance of profits is  due to specific features of the firm or firm-level specific resources. These could account for specific business models, creativity and innovativeness, a catalogue of stablished artists among other.

2)     Contrary to intuition (and yet being very preliminary) country effects seem not to play a strong role in the performance of record labels.

3)     Major record labels show an advantage in performance that should be further investigated.

4)     Size matters but in a nonlinear fashion. In other words the performance of a record label cannot be increased by increasing its size.



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